Join us April 6-8, 2018 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, MB

Join us
April 6-8, 2018 at the
Keystone Centre in Brandon, MB

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Please fill out the secure online form to book your booth today. Though credit card information can be submitted for payment, exhibitors who wish to pay by cheque are invited to register with this online form.

Booths and Rates

Reserve Your Booth

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Each booth is supplied with one decorated eight foot table plus two chairs. Do you require these? YesNo

Product Displayed: We will exhibit the following products and/or services. (Only the products that are listed below may be exhibited and must have Show Management approval.)

Payment Information

I will be paying by credit card and my information, to be processed, is included with this registration.I will be sending payment by cheque.


I authorize Brandon Home & Leisure Show to process the final payment due 28/02/18 to my credit card:


  • No registration will be processed without the required deposit of 50% of the space cost.
  • All booth rentals are subject to GST.
  • Corner booths are assesed an additional $90 each for Premium Booth Charge.
  • If you do not hold a City of Brandon Business license, please add $55 to your application. This will be remitted on your behalf.
  • WiFi will once again be provided as part of your rental agreement.
  • Exhibit booths in the Main Street hallway are 10 feet wide x 8 feet deep.

The Management of the Show has the right to refuse any exhibitor that does not meet the Show's Standards or is in direct conflict with other existing exhibitors.

If you have not conformed to exhibit standards or have been delinquent with payments, you may be refused participation in the Show.

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